What’s Your Story?

A Roots Legacy Video is a unique way to preserve the stories that form the foundation of your family.
Want to learn more? Email me at  and we can customize a program to capture the unique experiences of those you love and make the keepsake of a lifetime! 


A storyteller since childhood, Ellie Whitcomb Payne seeks to document the world with captivating images, videos and stories. Professionally, she has worked in video production since 2004, specializing in long format TV programming and promotion, including work on the Emmy Award winning Savage Report and the nationally syndicated series Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller. She is a nationally and locally published for technical and entertainment writing and has professional training in marketing theory. She actively participates in the 501c3 This is Noteworthy, which teaches high school kids about creative media. In her free time, she loves taking pictures and enjoys capturing family moments and beautiful Lowcountry landscapes.